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So Steady by Eve Dangerfield

2019, New Adult/Romance

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Noah Newcomb keeps his mind on the past. It’s where the demons come loose. He trusts no one and his only plans are for a vasectomy. He and Nicole make as much sense together as, well, an ex-con and a former school captain, but he’s never been one to turn down a rebound thing. Especially not with a girl as Type A hot as her. 

It’s your standard ‘say anything to my sisters and I’ll call the Australian Tax Office and tell them there’s $500,000 in cash under your bed’ affair, but as Nicole and Noah hook up it’s clear they’re falling for each other. Can they meet in the present? Do they have a shot at something steady?


Eve Dangerfield is an auto-buy author for me and she’s done it again with the second book in the Silver Daughters Ink series. So Steady is Nicole and Noah’s story. From the moment we met the two of them and saw their undeniable chemistry in the first book, So Wild, I knew I’d love watching them find their way together. 

Nicole is the perfectionist, type-A, planner in a family of heavily-tattooed creative types and tattoo artists. Noah is the hulking silent, brooding, and tatted artist working at Silver Daughters Ink. The two couldn’t look like a weirder match if they tried. And that’s exactly what makes them perfect for each other. 

Dangerfield manages to write ultra-sexy romances that don’t skimp on the humor and heart. Her female MCs are sharp, witty, and complex—they’re the kind of MCs you just want to be best friends with because of their cutting sense of humor. Her male MCs are brooding/tortured, gentle giants that you can’t help but just swoon for:

“He needed to talk, but he had no idea how to put across the knotty tangle of his feelings in a way that made sense. This was the stuff of paintings; aubergine for anger, aquamarine for relief, rose gold because she was rose gold.”

My. Heart. Nicole and Noah are my favorite Dangerfield couple yet. 

Noah and Nicole saw each other in a way that no one else could. They saw through the initial assumptions that people made about their appearances and saw through to the person within:

“She wasn’t silver, just like she wasn’t uptight or oversensitive. She was warm and bright, supple and strong. She glowed from the inside. She was rose gold.”

I can’t wait to see what Dangerfield writes next. I hope we get a Tabby book! 

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ½ / 5
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