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The Charm Offensive is honestly one of the most charming (fitting, right?), endearing, and lovely books that I’ve had the pleasure of reading…maybe, ever? If you enjoyed books like One to Watch, Red, White & Royal Blue, or Boyfriend Material, then this is a must-read for you.

The Charm Offensive follows Dev and Charlie. Charlie is the newest bachelor on Ever After, a Bachelor-type reality dating show that goes hard on the fairy tale theming, and Dev is the producer assigned to be his handler. Their connection is instantaneous—Dev seems to understand, or at the very least accept, Charlie right from the start. And we soon learn that acceptance and understanding are two things Charlie’s life has generally been devoid of.

It was an absolute joy watching these two cinnamon rolls fall in love. Both Dev and Charlie were just such genuinely good people that I wanted to wrap them up and protect them at all costs. Alison Cochrun does a fantastic job at balancing authenticity, emotion, and humor. Mental illness and mental health play a very large part in this book, and Cochrun does a fantastic job at balancing authenticity and emotional honesty with moments of humor and romance so that it never feels overwhelming. I say moments, but really, most of the book is hilarious.

“It’s confusing,” Dev notes . . . “because you look like the guy in a fancy cologne commercial, but you’re distinctly acting like the guy in an IBS medication commercial.”

The Charm Offensive is romantic comedy in its purest form. This is a must-read and definitely one of my favorites of 2021! Make sure to grab a copy of The Charm Offensive when it comes out on September 7, 2021!

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ / 5
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