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You know what’s better than the only-one-bed trope? The only-one-sleeping-bag trope. It’s a new favorite of mine now, thanks to On Location, the newest rom-com from Sarah Echavarre Smith.

I’ve been a big fan of Sarah Echavarre Smith ever since she released her debut, Faker, in 2019. Having had the chance to read her work from her debut up until now, it’s been so much fun to see her grow as a writer and a storyteller, and On Location is the culmination of that growth.

I’ve enjoyed all of her works to-date, but On Location is her best one yet. It probably would have been a five-star read for me but for the fact that a lot of the conflict stemmed from a lack of communication. That being said, I do think it made more sense in the context of On Location than in other stories I’ve read, given Alia’s trust issues and the very specific way that she’d been burned before, and so the misunderstanding didn’t feel as contrived as it could have, nor did it bother me as much as it has in other stories. I’m just not a fan of the use of miscommunication as conflict.

What I am a fan of, however, is tension—lots of it—and On Location delivered! Alia and Drew had unbelievable chemistry from the moment they met. And speaking of their meeting, their meet cute was adorable and perfect; one of my favorite meet cutes I’ve ever read.

Like all of Smith’s books, On Location is infused with warmth, culture, and the importance of family. Alia’s memories of her apong were so special and made the fictional show feel that much more real and important. The world is so much brighter with Smith’s characters in it, and I’m forever indebted to her for bringing hapa girls into mainstream romance.

Make sure to grab a copy of On Location when it comes out on September 21, 2021!

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ½ / 5
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