My Favorite Washington Bookstores

Washington is a book lover’s dream with so many lovely indie bookstores scattered across the state and several in Seattle alone. Having lived here for only a year now, I’ve got a lot of exploring left to do but these are my favorite bookstores I’ve come across so far. I already know I’m going to be updating this list as I discover new favorites as there are still so many left on my wishlist.

Third Place Books (Seward Park) | Seattle

Third Place Books’ Seward Park location a little bit out of the way for me but so worth the drive. With a great selection of new and used books, and lots of excellent staff recommendations, this is one of my favorite bookstores.

Third Place Books (Lake Forest Park) | Seattle

A necessary mention on this list just for their romance selection alone, with one of the best romance selections of any of the bookstores on this list, Lake Forest Park is one of my go-to indies.

Mercer Street Books | Seattle (Lower Queen Anne)

I have a special place in my heart for Mercer Street Books—it’s my neighborhood bookstore (only a few blocks up the street from me) located right in Lower Queen Anne, and it’s a lovely spot with a random and eclectic selection of used books for sale.

Elliott Bay Book Company | Seattle (Capitol Hill)

No list of Washington bookstores is complete without a mention of Elliott Bay. A Seattle institution, the Capitol Hill-based bookstore has a truly spectacular selection of books.

Queen Anne Book Company | Seattle (Queen Anne)

My other neighborhood bookstore, this is one of my favorite places to pop in whenever I venture up the hill. And, if we’re being honest, oftentimes I venture up the hill with the sole purpose of visiting QA Book Co.

Secret Garden Books | Seattle (Ballard)

The sweetest bookstore tucked away in Ballard, it has a particularly excellent selection of children’s, middle grade, and young adult titles.

Browsers Bookshop | Olympia

One of the prettiest bookstores I’ve ever been in, Browsers was an absolute delight. I will definitely be coming back to Olympia just to visit this indie gem.

Village Books | Bellingham

A new favorite, Village Books is huge—I only explored two of the three levels—and has an awesome selection of titles. Located in the historic Fairhaven District in Bellingham, it’s absolutely gorgeous too. 

Eagle Harbor Book Co. | Bainbridge Island

A gorgeous indie with a fantastic selection of current bestsellers and specialty books. I’ve only been the one time but have been so eager to go back ever since. 

A Book For All Seasons | Leavenworth

A light, airy, and charming indie located in Leavenworth with a selection of current and old titles as well as stationery, paper goods, and other gifts. 

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