Hi! I’m Sarah—a twenty-something, hapa (half-Chinese), attorney, intersectional feminist, 2w1 enneagram, ABBA fangirl, die-hard lover of rom-coms, and of course, bookworm.

I started my bookstagram in June 2019 while studying for the bar exam. What started as “screw it, why not?” quickly turned into one of my greatest joys. Now, almost two years later, my bookstagram (and this blog) has become my passion project.

When I first started this account I was living in Honolulu, HI (that’s where “thehireader” comes from) with my then-boyfriend and our very large-and-in-charge cat, Dim Sum. There’ve been lots of changes since I first started this: We relocated to Seattle, WA in March 2021 and my then-boyfriend is now my fiancé, but Dim Sum is still just as large and just as in charge. And I still love all things bookish.

I’ve loved reading from a young age. When I love a book, I usually can’t help but finish it in one sitting. (My dad still calls me a “book-eater” because of it.) I hope you enjoy my bookish posts, reviews, and recommendations, and that you’re able to find something on here that engages you!